Securing Communications Channels – A buyer’s guide

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Secure communications enable people to share information with a high degree of certainty that their conversations remain completely private. Third party conversations cannot be deciphered and information shared remains in control of the organisation.

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In this document we explore the Top 10 questions to ask when securing communications channels in your organisation and give guidance as to what you should be looking for.

What we cover

When should you use Secure Communications?

There’s a surprisingly wide range of enterprise use cases where secure comms should be a requirement for your business – we outline them for you.

Are consumer apps secure enough?

While consumer apps are fine for sharing selfies with family or making arrangements for a big night out, they are absolutely NOT suitable for business use – we explain why.

Who got caught out?

We give real-world examples of exactly what can go wrong and the consequences of using unsecure methods of communication.

What exactly should you be looking for?

We suggest the 10 questions you should be asking, and provide a handy tick list of requirements.

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BYOD & Remote Working


Comply with Regulations & Standards


Mission Critical Communication Channels


Secure Collaboration


Out of Band Comms for Operational Cyber Resilience

OutofBand Coms005

How to tackle Major Security Incidents

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Who should read this document?

Everyone who:

  • Needs to protect sensitive business information and communications on mobile devices (including BYOD)
  • Is looking for a more secure solution for collaboration and messaging that provides greater management of users and data, with Audit & Compliance capabilities
  • Works in regulated industries that need to archive and audit compliance for all communications, especially those on mobile devices.
  • Business Continuity & Operational Cyber Resilience professionals who need an ‘out of band’ communications channel in the event of a serious cyber incident
  • Data Privacy professionals who need to protect personal information and enforce compliance with data protection regulations